Our Purpose

To Help Local Businesses Succeed

We cant think of a better way to help local businesses than by working with them directly at local events. Our team are always available for speaking engagements and will jump at an opportunity to share knowledge and expertise around entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Topic's include but not limited too:

  • Digital marketing basics
  • Social Media workshops 
  • Aligning your team to grow your business
  • Local Business Growth Hacking
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Seminars 
  • Pitching your startup
  • Entrepreneur insights 
  • Finding A-players
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Luke Aulin

CEO aka "Mayor" of RTOWN

Luke has been a practicing entrepreneurship since 2001. After leading two failed start ups, he became an ‘intrapreneur’ at a software company called Faronics in 2005 where he grew two business units from nothing into multi-million dollar businesses.

In 2013, he co-founded RTOWN, a digital marketing company geared at helping local businesses succeed. As RTOWN’s CEO, Luke has grown RTOWN to be named one of the top 15 largest digital marketing companies in BC by Business in Vancouver after only 4 years of existence! RTOWN is the youngest company on their list by over 3 years.

As a thought leader in the marketing industry, Luke was asked to deliver the keynote speech at Canada’s largest digital marketing conference, CIMC in April 2017. Luke’s passion centers around helping other entrepreneurs realize their dreams. He’s a firm believer in alignment as the key ingredient for business success.

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